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Catalog photos

If your project is larger than what we have done for F-One, just ask for what we are capable of. Here are a few answers :

  • We have a wide network of contacts in the local film-making industry (camera op, assistant director, sound engineer...etc) so we can grow our team to meet your expectations ;
  • In addition to classic white sand beaches, crystal-clear lagoons or so-called Teahupo'o, various landscapes and movie sets can be provided like mountain remote areas, deep forests, contemporary houses or urban scenery. We will try to ensure that every footage can be shot all at once in Tahiti ;
  • We master numerous tech toys with Matarai : DJI drones Phantom 3, S900, Ronin, Flyline cable cam, normal/timelapse/underwater sliders, water housings and the latest DSLR/mirrorless HD/4K cameras. All this gear can easily be operated by our core team for your next video or movie.


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